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    Galactic readings

    Cmdr.Lyur Jean Michel had the privilege during a UFO close encounter in 1980, to have an interlink connection installed in his body/mind by the Space Brothers of the Ashtar Command. Since that time he is permanently hooked-up with the Star Lightships "Crystal Bell", "Light", and "Janus", which are "anchoring Golden Light Christ Consciousness Ships" from the Interdimensional, Intergalactic Fleet. Another name for such Starships is 'Merkabahs'. This is what they truly are.

    Today for the first time, Commander Lyur is offering the "Golden Starquest" readings. You will discover your Galactic lineage, your transit planet of arrival in this solar system, your special abilities, your specific connections with the Ships, your personal mission on Earth, your mission within Starfleet (that you agreed upon before being incarnated here), and even your choice of future missions in this local and new future universe.

    This is a "mail order operation", a full day's work, in which Commander Lyur will hook-up for you under the guidance of the finest commanders in the Fleet above.

    This is a totally new offering that Cdr. Lyur was asked to provide in the U.S. and worldwide. You will receive by post 10 to 12 pages of personal guidance that will help you understand and fulfill your embodiment on Earth and your commitment with Starfleet and the spiritual galactic hierarchy from this local universe.

    I have to shift now from the introductory fee that I have kept in the last 6 years to the normal fee for my Galactig Readings, which is 170 US $. (or 152 Euros) It is still a very valuable offer which has helped star people to receive a lot of information and to trigger their galactic memories.

    I just need your name (name of birth) email, and postal address. You can order my readings thru my account at PayPal – you need to set up your own account -  : martineindigo144@orange.fr

    You can also send by Western Union, just send me the code to

    demeraye12@orange.fr and I got the money real quick at my Post Office

    For a bank wrire transfer this is the information :

    IBAN :

    FR76 3000 4015 4600 0002 8566 644



    My Galactic Reading are composed of two parts :
    1. Your actual Body/Mind components within this time/space frame
    2. Current environmental energies within/without you at the time of this reading
    3. Message for this life time
    4. Suggested proceedings to manifest your reality
    5. Projected manifestation when you will incorporate this guidance in your energy fields

    1. Your E.T. lineage before you came in this local quadrant
    2. The planet on which you made a transit in this solar system (stepping-down procedures) before you took embodiment as a ground personel volunter upon planet Earth.Your work within the Fleet when you were there. Note : there is no kind of astrology used for the whole readings.
    3. Your connection with the ships of the Intergalactic/Interdimensional Fleet. Your special abilities within Starfleet.
    4. Guidance for your current mission on Earth.
    5. Your universal and future mission(s) in the New Universe.

    Each number represents one page of readings. I only do the reading by mail/email because the proper time is set up by my contacts and I need to be in my own space for this. No individual sessions.

    Readings by Cdr. Lyur, Starship 'Light#2', Golden Light Division, Ashtar Command, Intergalactic-Interdimensional Fleet

    Thank you for your order and support, may the Love/Light of our Radiant One be with you always.


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